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The company

Our business was born from the idea and work of Silvano Serafino Franceschi who in the mid-1950s gave life to his farm in Tuscany.

In the early 1960s, with the collaboration of Francesco Pelosi, the transformation, packaging and distribution of carrots began in most of the Italian fruit and vegetable markets.

The collaboration between the company and the other agricultural realities developed in the areas of greatest productive interest in that period such as Abruzzo, the Chioggia area and Sicily. Here, since the 70s, the company produces directly with its own farm.

In 1983 the company is taken over by the sons who follow the evolution of the market bringing the product to large-scale distribution.
Today we are able to take care of the entire production chain. Thanks to our Green Passion farm, which grows directly in Tuscany where we are the only ones to produce carrots, it also participates in and takes care of the production in the most suitable areas for carrots in the rest of Italy.

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